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The fig as you've never tasted, from Torres Novas to the world.

Who We Are

We are an agricultural society whose mission is to support the production, processing and distribution of the Portuguese Fig. We were born in the land of Fig – Torres Novas and it is here that we intend to reborn the fig industry once so important in our region and country


We bet on innovation. We install new orchards based on studies supported by specialist entities that have been carried out to improve fig tree production.



Any fig that does not have the optimal characteristics for fresh consumption is processed.
Depending on the variety, it is dried or made into jam. With the dried fig we also transformed it into a superior quality product, our Negro de Torres Novas.
The entire transformation process complies with food safety standards.



Fig picking is a delicate process throughout the fig cycle. The fig is picked by hand with great care and then it's calibrated and sorted at the field.



As the fig does not ripen after being picked, it must be picked at the right time for consumption and quickly distributed for sale to the consumer. It is a daily process that involves an unparalleled dedication so that nothing fails in this chain.
A benefit for the consumer who has access to the freshest possible fig.


This society was born in 2020 from the will of a group of nine people who mutually wanted to produce and distribute figs. Thus, our mission is the exploration, production, acquisition, preparation, transformation, packaging, marketing, import and export of fig, fig trees and food products derived from them, as well as any other related activities.


Improving the production and distribution methods of the fig product are essential to ensure better quality among consumers. We research and develop techniques to support the exploration of fig trees, production, processing and distribution of the fig. We aim to expand to international markets where we can make known the Portuguese Fig.


Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

We have at the disposal of our associates the technical means to support the production of the fig and its commercialization.
We develop workshops to support producers on fig tree pruning, care, common diseases and ways to improve production.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We make sure that our products meet certain criteria, characteristics of each variety in order to guarantee the required quality.

Our Products

Harvested fresh in the morning, our figs go directly to our end customer, thus guaranteeing freshness, flavor and quality. We have two harvest seasons, the first starting in May and ending in July, and a second season starting in late August/September and ending in October.

Lampa Preta Fig

Harvest:  ±10 de June to 15 de July.

Dauphine Fig

Harvest:  ±10 de June to 15 de July.

Petrelli CN250 Fig

Harvest:  ±10 de June to 15 de July.

Preto de Torres Novas Fig

Harvest:  From September to October

Pingo de Mel Fig

Harvest: From September to October

Dried Fig – Preto de Torres Novas Fig

Dried Fig – Pingo de Mel


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